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Popular comedian gives birth to her first child at 43



Giving birth is not easy. It takes a lot of time, responsibility, sacrifices and patience to labor the beautiful fruit of love.

Having a child could really change a man and woman’s perspective in life. Sometimes, they are the ones who wake someone up with the reality of life in different ways.

Take the case of this popular comedian. Most women give birth to their first child in their early 30s or late 20s.

However, popular comedian Ethel Booba made it at 43. So who says 40 is a late age to get pregnant?

Ethel successfully gave birth during the Valentine’s day celebration. The celebrity shared her good news to the public through social media.

She shared a photo on Twitter last of her newborn baby and jokingly called her “Little Booba”.

“Welcome to the world Little Booba. Charot!” she said on her Twitter account.

In an earlier post on Instagram, she stated that the baby’s name would be “Michaela”.

Ethel also posted a video of her while preparing for delivery.

Jessie Salazar, a non-showbiz, who has been in a relationship with the comedian since 2017 is the child’s father.

It can be recalled that Ethel publicly revealed her pregnancy during the kapamilya show “It’s Showtime” last November.

“Ano ba ‘yan naiiyak ako. I’m happy about the gift of life. Double celebration. Double congratulations to me”, Ethel said after her short interview for winning as “Tawag ng Tanghalan SA Showtime Celebrity,” said Ethel.

“Oo syempre ito na nga. Six months. Kaya nahihirapan ako kumanta, parang lalabas bahay bata ko. Pasensya na di talaga ako makabuga ang sakit talaga ng puson ko”, she added.

The comedian stated that she really never expected to get pregnant at the age of 42.

It really proved that we should expect the unexpected during adolescent. Right?

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Kim’s Chiu’s van shot while on the road; actress and assistants safe



Around 6:15 in the morning today, March 4, Kapamilya actress Kim Chui’s van was reported shot six times in Quezon City.

A vehicle, wherein Kim Chiu and her assistant were riding, was shot by unidentified gunmen. The report also stated that no one is harmed, even the driver is safe.

The incident happened at the corner of Katipunan Avenue and CP Garcia Avenue in Quezon City . According to the police who inspected the incident, the two gunmen were riding a motorcycle and shot the actress’ van six times. After the shooting, the gunmen immediately fled away.

On ABS-CBN Umagang kay Ganda, Kim’s driver Wilfredo Taperla stated via phone call that they didn’t know that they were shot. They only realized that they were the target of the shooting when they stopped the van and saw bullets in their car.

He claimed that all passengers, including him, are safe. Kim Chui was sleeping inside the van when the shooting happened.

In an Instagram post of Kim after the incident, she posted photos of the shooting aftermath and assured her followers that she and her companions were unharmed. She thanked everyone who was concerned about her and said that it “means a lot”.

“Papa Jesus protected us. I don’t have any idea what really happened, mistaken identity? I guess? Napag tripan? This is a bad joke..,” she said in the post.

“I saw this bullet on the windshield where my head is laying, “buti naka higa ako,” she explained Pano kung tinuloy ko magbasa ng script?… I was so scared, I don’t know what to feel right now. Wala naman ako kaaway o kaatraso. Why me?” the actress added.

See the full IG post of the actress here:

Regardless of what happened, Kim is still thankful that no one got harmed. Kim and her assistants continued to their taping for today.

Source: Rappler

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Certified Mom! Anne Curtis gives birth in Australia



Actress-TV Host Anne Curtis- Heusaff has given birth to a baby girl in Australia on Monday, March 2, 2020. The baby is Anne and her husband Erwan Heusaff’s firstborn after they got married in 2018.

News of Anne giving birth was confirmed by her management the Viva Artist Agency through an Instagram post.

The agency congratulated the new mom by posting one of Anne’s maternity photos.

It can be recalled that Anne revealed her pregnancy on “It’s Showtime” which surprised the audience since the actress-host was able to hide it to almost everyone, except her husband, of course.

Anne and Erwan have received immense support and good wishes from their supporters, friends, and family.

Congratulations, Anne!

Source: Radyo.

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Are Sue Ramirez and Javi Benitez currently dating?



Netizens speculated that actress Sue Ramirez and Javi Benitez are now dating after the random photos of them circulated online.

Javi also posted photos of him and Sue on his Instagram account.

In the uploaded photos, Sue and Javi are holding their hands as they walk to the grassy field on the way to the beach.

“Can I call you sometime?” Javi captioned the photo.

Their photos received different comments from the netizens. The photos show the two of them holding hands that tight that most only couples do.

“Based sa bikini nya, Mukhang OO,” commented one of the netizens.

Another netizen also said, “They have been together since December of last year pa.”

“Hindi din na papa bakante tong si Sue,” another netizen also reacted as Sue just recently broke up with her ex-boyfriend.

“Son of a congressman, Iba si ate girl,” said a netizen.

Javi graduated a course in Political Science at Santa Clara University, California. He is a 22-year old Star Magic talent and he embraced the fact that he has a passion for art. Currently, he is working in the movie “Kid Alpha One” directed by Richard Somes and Sue Ramirez is his leading lady.

He also promised that he will make sure that viewers would appreciate their team-up. What do you think? Are they really dating or that picture is just part of the promotion as a new love team?

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